Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Arm DevSummit 2021

Arm DevSummit 2021

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Arm DevSummit Returns in October – Register early for exclusive learning and networking opportunities.

Happening this October 19-21, Arm invites hardware and software engineers to participate and join forces in this three-day virtual conference to discuss and share insights into the latest technology trends and to one-up your skills through technical sessions and hands-on workshops.

Many other like-minded hardware and software engineers will be at the Arm DevSummit 2021, and we can network via the internet!

Arm, as many of you know, is leading the RISC microprocessor designers and its products are being used in our smartphones, tablets, cars, and many more low-powered devices. Its unique RISC microprocessor traits allow a great degree of freedom and accessibility of general-purpose computing, hence that is why we can have smartphones and not smart bricks.

Joining the Arm DevSummit 2021 will enable us to have the chance to network with other like-minded active developers in the community and shape the world of computing through our ideas. What might seem to be an impossibility can be made possible by refining and redefining the idea.
That is why talking to other people and discussing ideas is important. It’s the perfect chance to discuss cutting-edge technology with both hardware and software developers and learn about the latest advancement in computing – then grow our skills to accommodate that technology.