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Cat Owner Trends As He Brings His Cat In A Mountain Hiking


Cat Owner Trends As He Brings His Cat In A Mountain Hiking


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His cat is literally his best friend, as a Pinoy hiker shared his journey with his pet as they explored the beauty of Mount Pulag.

On November 20, Arqam shared some snippets with his cat Gibby as they went on a hike at Luzon’s highest peak, Mount Pulag. In the shared photos, the owner showed how his cat bravely conquered their hiking session.

Freely exploring the top of the mountain, other hikers also shared their snaps and videos on Gibby, as well as moments with the pet as they enjoyed the view at the peak of the mountain.

Gibby became an instant superstar during their hike, as numerous photos circulated on social media. Some netizens compared their cats to Gibby, while others also shared their hiking moments, encouraging them to have a hike together soon.

“Wowwwww! One of the best pictures ever made on Mt. Pulag. Congrats Mingg! “A netizen commented.

Conquering Mount Pulag was not the first hike for Gibby, as they also accomplished reaching the summit of Mount Ulap on November 13.

This has shown that when you love and care for your pet, you can always tag them along with you and enjoy the things that you love, which also makes them feel special as you treat them not as an animal but just like a human.

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