Tuesday, July 16, 2024

ISOG Hosts First Cybersecurity Colloquium at Asian Institute of Management

ISOG Hosts First Cybersecurity Colloquium at Asian Institute of Management

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The Information Security Officers Group (ISOG) successfully hosted its first Colloquium on July 13, 2024, at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), drawing over a hundred cybersecurity professionals eager to deepen their understanding of cybersecurity innovation.

Attendees immersed themselves in informative white papers, groundbreaking research, and insightful case studies, particularly focusing on advancements in Industrial Control Systems and Operations Technology, as well as their integration with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enterprise security.

Where great minds showcase their solutions and share their insights to equip and empower the industry to cyber secure the nation.
Where great minds showcase their solutions and share their insights to equip and empower the industry to cyber secure the nation.

“This event is a cornerstone for ongoing education and professional advancement within our field. Through each session, we expand our knowledge and enhance our capabilities to navigate the intricate challenges of the digital landscape. Through continuous learning and collaboration, we can stay ahead of the evolving cyber landscape,” Archie Tolentino, ISOG President, said in his opening remarks.

Emmanuel Barcena, President and CEO of the Philippine Clearing House Corporation, delivered a keynote address on the adoption and operationalization of AI and self-learning technologies in check management. He emphasized the importance of leveraging these technologies to streamline processes and improve overall efficiency in the financial sector. His address set the stage for further discussions on innovation in cybersecurity.

“With the cyber threat landscape constantly evolving, we must stay current with the latest threats and vulnerabilities to effectively protect our systems and data,”  said Chito Jacinto, ISOG Vice President and I Am Secure 2024 Chair, in his speech. “The ISOG Colloquium is a platform for advancing education, raising awareness, and facilitating intelligence exchange among our peers.”

Following Jacinto’s address, representatives from the Titanium sponsors delivered informative presentations. Speakers included:

  • Atty. Elias Omar Sana, Head of Public Policy at Huawei
  • Ricson Singson Que, Virtual Chief Information Security Officer and Cybersecurity Consultant at NM Network Manager Inc.
  • William Phuah, Security Services Team Leader at Sangfor Technologies (through WSI)
  • Linette Mananghaya, Senior Sales Engineer at Sophos (through WSI)
  • Gabriel Payawal, Country Manager at F5 (through Westcon)
  • Nick Largo, Business Development Manager of Operational Technology at Fortinet in the Philippines (through Netsec & VST-ECS)

These experts engaged in an insightful panel discussion themed “The Confluence of ICS/OT and IT: Boon or Bane?“, moderated by Philip Kwa, Academic Program Director for the Master of Cybersecurity at AIM. The discussion focused on the integration and implications of ICS and OT with IT.

Distinguished speakers from the Platinum sponsors also contributed significantly:

  • Melvin Tan, Security Consultant Manager for Southeast Asia at Forcepoint
  • Christopher Villacorta, Product Manager at Aptsecure
  • Jannis Utz, Vice President of Global Sales Engineering at Pentera
  • Caroline Soo, Vice President of Customer Success for Asia Pacific and Japan at KnowBe4
  • Han Yang Lau, Manager and Solutions Architect for Asia-Pacific at SecurityScorecard
  • Rahim Malek, Technical Consultant for ASEAN at Zscaler

The Platinum speakers participated in a panel discussion on “Airgap Security—Is it a Viable Strategy for Modern-Day Security?

Gold sponsors shared valuable insights:

  • Steven Ho, Regional Asia VP of Tehtris
  • Marlon Gino-Gino, Senior Engineer of Tenable (through Westcon)
  • Yury Kissin, Senior Sales Engineer of Gytpol (through Netsec)

Silver sponsor speaker:

  • Nhorgeelen R. Narra, Country Manager of Blancco

ISOG’s Cybersecurity excellence awardees and industry speakers:

  • Jonathan Pineda, OIC-CIO, Government Service Insurance System
  • Charmaine Valmonte, CISO, Aboitiz Equity Ventures
  • Mario Demarillas, CISO & Head of IT Consulting & Software Engineering, Exceture, Inc.

ISOG’s highly reputable and recommended consultants and security experts:

  • Raymond Nuñez, Director for Digital Forensics and Incident Response, UP Diliman
  • Albert Dela Cruz, FVP & Information & Security Head, Security Bank
  • Justin David Pineda, President & Principal Consultant, Pineda Cybersecurity
  • Philip Casanova, Cybersecurity Consulting Partner, SGV

The participants also had the opportunity to build new connections through speed networking activities. These sessions allowed attendees to engage in brief interactions, facilitating the sharing of best practices and the establishment of professional relationships. This collaborative format not only strengthened ties within the cybersecurity community but also promoted knowledge sharing and support.

The ISOG Colloquium owed its success to the invaluable support of sponsors, whose contributions are indispensable in the cybersecurity world. Titanium Sponsors included Huawei, NMI, Cisco through Trends, Sophos through WSI, Sangfor through WSI, F5 through Westcon, Fortinet through Netsec & VST-ECS, Eclypsium through Netsec & MDI, TrendMicro through CTLink & VST-ECS, Theos Cyber, and Checkpoint. Platinum Sponsors such as Forcepoint, Rapid7, Pentera, KnowBe4, SecurityScorecard through WSI, Palo Alto through Trends & Westcon, Yubico through WSI, Vectra through NEXTGEN, Netskope through NEXTGEN, and Zscaler through Westcon also played crucial roles. Gold Sponsors included Tenable through Westcon, Tehtris, Cyble through NEXTGEN, Gatewatcher through Wallix & Bizsecure, Gyptol through Netsec, and Edgio through WSI. Silver Sponsors like Gigamon through Westcon, Blancco, and Arista through NEXTGEN further contributed to the event’s success, while Cloudflare through NEXTGEN participated as an exhibitor.

Organized by XMS, the event received media coverage from Business WorldDigi PH, and Back End News, ensuring broad reach and impact across the cybersecurity community.

ISOG looks forward to hosting another Colloquium in September at AIM, continuing to foster innovation and collaboration in cybersecurity.

For more information, visit ISOG’s official website at http://www.isog.org and socials at Facebook: ISOGPH, YouTube Channel: ISOG SUMMIT, and LinkedIn: ISOG (Information Security Officers Group).