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Local Business Ideas For The Aspiring Entrepreneurs At Home


Local Business Ideas For The Aspiring Entrepreneurs At Home


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The pandemic may have sent people’s finances into haywire, prompting people to find more ways to earn money. Luckily, the Philippines is very much invested in the internet, thanks to the social media addiction of most Pinoys.

Online selling has been really popular lately. At this point, you may know someone who’s at least established an online shop—or you are probably a customer who’s been bidding a lot during live selling and is now looking for more ways to fund your budols!

You may be thinking—these times have shifted your financial priorities, and it is finally time to think of ways to draw in more money than you spend. Well, fortunately, the internet is a limitless world that might come to your aid.

For Filipinos, the internet is a place full of opportunities. It has a variety of purposes depending on the user—some use it for entertainment, some for connection. Some get paid for their social media influence, while others market their services on different websites.

Just in case you aspire to be your own boss as well, here’s good news: you can earn online, too—straight at home!

If you’ve been wanting to bounce back from the pandemic blues or you’re just looking for your next successful “raket,” here are other ways you can start growing money at home:


1. Pasabuys

You probably thought right—’pasabuys’ literally came from the Filipino word “pasabay”. In simple terms, “pasabuy” is where consumers pay someone to buy items for them and get them delivered directly to the consumer.

How are online shops going to do this? One example would be “pasabuys,” when a consumer wants to buy items somewhere far from the city, or abroad. This is especially useful if you’re not in Manila or you live outside the Philippines.

Shops typically give customers an order form to note what items they want. Once the shop receives a sufficient number of orders, they buy all the items from the order form and ship them all back to Manila in one go.

For younger consumers, pasabuys are a great deal. First, it rids them of pricey shipping fees because, typically, pasabuy shops get their items delivered in batches. This is why most pasabuy shops you’ve probably seen are for millennials or Gen Zs.

Generally, pasabuy shops indicate a specific location within their reach and the type of items they can get for you.

The most popular pasabuys are those who sell and ship items that are rarely found locally. For instance, beauty products from international brands or official merchandise for different fandoms, including K-pop fans or anime fans.

This is a great business to run at home because order forms can be online, and logistics can also be arranged via emails or calls alone. If you’re in and familiar with the interests of younger consumers, this is an ideal business for you.


2. E-commerce/Online store

This will save you the costs of a new office space, utilities, and other fees that a physical space will need.

Whether you want to sell products within the same line, or you want to sell a wide variety of products, this is really efficient cost-wise because you are doing all the business straight from your sofa.

The good news is that you can also use social media to sell products! Strategize which platforms your products sell best on. For example, beauty and fashion items typically go on Instagram, while Facebook is more for food and other home-related items.

If you don’t want to go through the costs of logistics services, you can also check out e-commerce platforms in the Philippines to sell your products. Check out which platforms serve you best, such as Shopee, Lazada, Carousell, and more!


3. Meal Plans

Most Pinoys have started to pay attention to their health since the pandemic started, and your business might be really helpful to them.

If your niche is cooking and preparing health-friendly meals, then this is perfect for you! All you have to do is to prepare the meals and then get them delivered.

Some shops that do this business offer subscriptions on meal plans depending on the amount of calories, nutrients, and other bodily needs that the customers want on a regular basis. These meal plans include a customized schedule of when they receive breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner every day.

Money is also guaranteed because payment for meal plans is prepaid—in other words, you, the seller, are automatically assured that the meals you deliver to them are paid! Moreover, since meal plans are scheduled, you don’t have to deal much with rush orders.

If you need a home business that partners up with your love for food, then meal preparation is the best option you have.


4. Online Bakery

Popular among students who need a “raket” during their school breaks, online bakeries are quite a convenient business option.

Similar to meal preparation, this is very simple—you confirm the orders, bake, and get them delivered! It would also be a plus to wrap them in creative packaging.

If you love baking during your free time, then this will be much easier for you because you probably have the right ovens at home.

Regardless of this, delicacies generally last longer if stored correctly, so you can also minimize costs for spoiled food.


5. E-loading services

A side hustle that requires less time and less money, e-loading is probably perfect for those with full-time jobs that want additional income on the side, or for students who want to start earning.

E-loading services, out of all four mentioned in the list, are the business that requires the least capital. In fact, you can even start the business with less than PHP 2,000. If this is perfect for you, then go ahead and prepare to start this business now!

But wait—while these business ideas are very interesting to think about, do not forget the legalities that come with the business.

To reassure customers that you are qualified and safe to shop at, do not forget to register your business with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

Once all is set, you can now officially start growing your money at home.

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