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Pinay Athlete Bags Awards During The Siam Pickleball Tournament


Pinay Athlete Bags Awards During The Siam Pickleball Tournament


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Continuing to enhance her skills when it comes to the pickleball sport, Pinay athlete and coach Sarah Jane Lim-Narvasa grabbed three gold medals and one bronze medal.

On December 12, Narvasa shared how she successfully won at the cluster of players for the Siam Pickleball tournament in Thailand.

In the said post, the athlete shared how this became a memorable tournament for her as she also grew in her chosen sports field.

“Every tournament, I grow as a player. And this is another one of those tournaments. I came here with no idea who my women’s doubles partners would be, but I just set my mind to do my best, enjoy the game, and have no expectations,” she said.

According to Narvasa, she was clueless at first about who her partner would be; hence, she still did her best and expressed her appreciation for joining her to play.

“I am just grateful and happy that I even got to the podium with two people I’ve never met and never played with! We did it, partners,” she said in her caption.

In the Facebook post, the athlete personally thanked her coaches and supported them for giving her the push that she needed to boost her performance during the competition.

Besides this, Narvasa also showed her appreciation to herself for not holding back her talent to achieve such an achievement.

“I grew more as a women’s doubles player after this event! I learned how to move faster, cover better, and be wiser in my shots. So grateful. So thankful. So amazed,” she said.

Aside from bagging medals during the competition, the Filipina athlete also showed exceptional talent in the tournament, as she disclosed that she had no idea about her partner during the women’s doubles but was still able to ace their competitors.

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