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Three Pinoy Tattoo Artists Win At The Singapore Ink Show


Three Pinoy Tattoo Artists Win At The Singapore Ink Show


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Hilo Bautista, Draz Palaming, and Johnpaul Orogo II from Obsidian Tattoo Collective won the ‘Best of Show’ category in the Singapore Ink Show held last October 13–15 in Suntec Convention Hall 403.

Bautista won 1st place with his winning tattoo art, dubbed “The Doctor”, He posted his 3-day leg-sleeve tattoo process during the competition on his Facebook account.

Palaming, on the other hand, won 2nd place with his winning tattoo art, “Deity of Innovation,” using the anaglyph technique in a bio-sci-fi style.

He posted the full view of his artwork, including a caption explaining the inspiration behind and dedication behind creating the tattoo.

“In the future, I will explore and try to invent new ways to make tattoos go beyond the limits of the norm. I dedicate this piece to everybody who currently feels like they’re trapped in a void. I just want to let you know that there is always a way to innovate and ascend to your own pinnacle. Just try! And don’t hesitate,” he wrote.

Orogo won 2nd place as well and also won the Best Day Sunday award. He thanked the whole team for helping him during the competition and congratulated his fellow tattoo artists.

These tattoo artists displayed true artwork through their creative minds, and with a good support team, passion is tattooed in their hearts.

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