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VibalTV Youtube Channel Reaches 15.3 Million Views

VibalTV Youtube Channel Reaches 15.3 Million Views

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Vibal Group Inc. (VGI) celebrates another milestone as it reached more than 690,000 subscribers on its Youtube channel, VibalTV. As of October 2021, VibalTV has more than 15.2 million views.

VibalTV primarily aims to educate students with their lessons, train teachers’ skills and techniques of the 21st-century teaching and online distance learning, and present diverse content that tackles different topics such as culture and history. Through Vibal TV, VGI continues its steadfast commitment and dedication to rethink and reimagine the entire teaching and learning experience.

Videos for 21st Century Teachers

Among the many digital initiatives VGI has produced are free webinars for teachers. These webinars let the participants learn from respected resource speakers from various fields, as well as receiving certificates of attendance. Some of its videos include Speaker’s Demo Reel and Learn@Home webinars that are shown live on YouTube. Currently, both Learn@Home and Speaker’s Demo Reel have more than 50 webinars each on the VibalTV channel.

Teachers Laud Success of Vibal Group's Youtube Channel
Teachers Laud Success of Vibal Group’s Youtube Channel

Prior to the pandemic, VGI had already shown support to the Department of Education‘s (DepEd) call to improve the quality of teaching that meets the needs of ASEAN integration, K to 12 education system, and other emerging global learning frameworks. When the pandemic affected the education setup, VGI rose to the occasion and maximized its digital platforms to assist public and private school teachers as they transitioned to online teaching.

Videos for Learners

Other video contents that VibalTV produces are educational videos for students such as Teacher Vibal, 3-Minute Lesson, and Mga Kuwentong Chikiting. The Teacher Vibal and the 3-Minute Lesson videos help students learn school lessons in a fun and interactive way. The lessons on these videos are written and presented by licensed professional teachers, making sure that the lessons adhere to DepEd’s approved curriculum. Teacher Vibal and 3-Minute Lesson videos may also be used by teachers for their lessons.

Teacher Vibal has more than 150 videos posted on VibalTV, while 3-Minute Lessons have more than 40 videos posted on the channel. Videos from Mga Kuwentong Chikiting are based on VGI’s storybooks, Chikiting Books. Currently there are more than 80 episodes of Mga Kuwentong Chikiting on VibalTV’s channel.

Tertulia Videos

A new addition to the channel are short videos from VFI’s tertulia. The tertulia is a special online gathering, where viewers and visitors honor and remember the Vibal matriarch, Mrs. Esther A. Vibal. This is also where VFI launches new books and presents song and dance performances by renowned Filipino artists and groups such as the Sheila Ferrer, Ramon Folkloric Group, and the CCP Dance Workshop.

VibalTV’s Success

More than just the growing number of its viewers and subscribers, VibalTV’s success is measured by the positive impact that it makes on Philippine education. Teachers become more capable to be masters of technology in order to facilitate more personalized learning experiences for their students through the easily accessible free video content on YouTube.

You can subscribe and watch VibalTV on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/vibaltv and stay updated with VGI’s latest projects and announcements.