Tuesday, September 26, 2023

MINISO is Now Online


MINISO is Now Online

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Shopping with Miniso is now more fun, safe, and convenient with their multiple online platforms.

Buy Miniso’s everyday essentials through their Call & Shop service where customers nationwide can now call the nearest participating Miniso branch to place their orders. Customers can then pay online using debit or credit cards or via Miniso’s partner payments centers and wait for their items to be delivered. List of participating branches and other details can be access through https://bit.ly/MinisoCallAndShop.

Customers can also check out Miniso’s wide variety of creative and affordable finds through Shopee and Lazada.

Metro Manila residents, on the other hand, can also maximize the use of Miniso’s Facebook Order Form where they can check out Miniso’s latest offerings and conveniently place their orders.

Miniso is also now with Foodpanda categorized under the “Shop” section! Manila based customers can place their orders through the mobile app and get their items delivered fast and easy.

Conveniently shop for your favorite Miniso items now at the comfort of your homes. For more details and updates, check out Miniso Philippines at Facebook and Instagram.